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Copper pot stills and thermometer

Distilling our SPirits

At heart of our fantastic spirits are the botanicals.  The origins of distilling botanicals goes back to the alchemy of early medicines and potions.  These early experiments may have found the odd interesting cure or elixir to prolong health and life.  However, they have mainly developed into spirits that give not a cure for health but a delight to savour.  We employ the methods much like the original pharmaceutical for distilling our spirits.  Albeit we are not endeavouring to find a cure but a perfectly balanced spirit that can be savoured by and satisfy the curious pallet.


Our process is very traditional.  Involving the maceration of our botanicals, warmed gently in the still overnight to release the essential oils that give all the flavour to our wonderful spirits.  The balance of the essential oils that come over in the distillation are fundamental to impart all the character to the spirit.  Therefore, the expert distillation of our spirit is paramount.  Following the maceration we distil the spirit and allow the distillate to rest.  We then blend the distillate and cut to the perfect abv % with the wonderful spring water from our home farm in Wales.

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